hi it's tracy and welcome back to mychannel and today I'm going to give you flat abs with just five moves so before we get into the workout if you'renot already subscribed to my channel make sure to click on that button downbelow to become a subscriber because I put out new videos every single week you're going to love this workoutbecause it includes no crunches you don't get down on the floor and i'veincorporated some fat burning cardio so that you burn the fat because you gottaburn that fat in order to get flat abs and then we have those ab moves that are going to tone you up so that you create that tight toned sexy waist that I know thatyou want so let's work out ok so for our firstwe're going to start off with some of that cardio so just get started kind ofdoing the twist here okay love this because it's going to start getting yourheart rate up here ok and also because we're twisting youare incorporating some of that core movement ok let's pump up a little bitmore and use the arms up over your head here when we incorporate our arms to getthe heart rate up more so that is going to get your fat burning furnace turned onup set keep on going here we're going to do this for a full minutetotal good keep breathing here and that's it really move those hips keep your shoulders downyour back abs pulled up and in good about 10 more seconds like this we can do it ok excellent so moving on we're going to dostanding bicycle feel your heart rate up so bicycle keep your elbows wide squeeze your bellyas you use your core to draw this in so we're going to start off here with asingle knees pulling in and then we're going to do a double knees and all rightso keep going like this so often when people do this on the floor theyactually do it wrong they end up using more about their hip flexors than theircourt let's do two knees up up ok it works your core because you you are working at your balance here right up and at that end up keep going up oh yes I feel my ABS forsure up good really pull in the belly that indeep core work and up wide elbows good and last set okay goodso next we're going to do what i like to the spider man so you're going to stand up here withfeet kind of wide pull the knee and give it a little squeeze on the side ofyour waist squeeze and squeeze and squeeze this istoning the outside of your waist here we're going to do this just like we didthe bicycle so we'll start off with singles and then we're going to go intothose doubles okay good include a couple more like this allright double squeeze it squeeze it you guessed it because we're working yourbalance you got it and you're working your coreeven more just squeeze and squeeze keep going uh-huh really pull in this is workingthose obliques the side of your waist good excellent okay good the last one here in thetoning start with your arms for your belly is pulled in twist and reach behind it's reallyimportant that you do not move your hips keep your hips forward and then to theother side ok little twist leaning back so thepurpose of this exercise is we're getting some of your back involvedhere your waist wraps around ok it's not justthe front of your body you want to work you from all angles here all right and squeeze that's it squeeze really pulling your belly andreally feel this going around my body and that's exactly what you want right good so if you're looking for fulllength work out you've got to make sure that you go tototal body transformation the link is down below that is myamazing fitness program and i would like for youalso to become a transformer and good all right last one fat burning again pull those kneesup get the knees up high knees up ok again we don't want it to be aboutyour hip flexor what you want it to be because you're using your core so muchreally drive those knees up good when people tell me they have notime to workout it makes me crazy give yourself 5 minutesyou've got the time good and like I said you want fulllength click on the link down below join total body transformation it is amazing you're going to love ityour body is gonna change before your very eyes you're gonna be the hottest thing on theblock if you keep going to drive the knees pulling the belly good gotta burnfat by using a little bit of cardio here good about 10 more seconds breathe you did amazing so I hope that you arefeeling the waist work that you're really working your core non-traditionalyou don't just have to do crunches in order to get that flat belly so if you again if you're not alreadya subscriber make sure to become a subscriber join my community and i willsee you next time Bye.

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