Hi Shane Ellison for The People's Chemist.

com And today I want to address how to count caloriesproperly If your goal is to lose fat and build muscleyou must maintain a calorie deficit that means you have to burn more calories than you consume.

However there's a right way and a wrong wayif you learn both of them, you can have your ideal weight without deprivation and denialor having to have will power to overcome nagging hunger for days on end.

The right way to count calories is to countcalories from satiating foods.

That means you count calories that satisfyyour hunger hormones.

Which are things like, healthy fats, proteins and vegetables.

Foodslike, grass fed beef, whole eggs, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, butter and avocado.

By counting these calories you master yourhormones and therefore curb your appetite over longer periods.

Which is going to helpyou achieve that calorie deficit.

The wrong way to count calories is to countcalories that come from low fat and low calorie foods, and grains.

They won't satisfy your hunger.

These types of foods raise your hunger hormones,which means that no matter how much you eat you'll be forced into consuming too many calories.

In other words, 100 calories from a donutsare not going to satisfy you like 100 calories from a fried egg.

Once you start counting the right calories,you'll be able to maintain a caloric deficit, and thus achieve your best body.

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