Detox drinking Water | Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss | Easy Detox Water Recipes


Detox Water Recipes for Weight LossNumber 1 Cucumber and GrapefruitIngredients: 1/4 sliced grapefruitHalf sliced cucumber Grapefruits are detoxifying to the body thatmakes this detox water more powerful! Drink this daily any time.

Number 2 Grapes, Lemon, Mint and Strawberries.

Ingredients: 5 grapes1/2 sliced lemon 4 strawberries5 mint leaves This is great drink because the fruits canalmost always be found all year.

Drink this detox water daily.

Number 3 Lemons & CherriesIngredients: 8 whole cherries cut into pieces1/2 Sliced lemon Drink this detox water daily.

The cherriesin think drink make it a good summer drink.

Number 4Mint, Peaches and Plums.

Ingredients:5 to 7 mint leaves 1/2 sliced peach1/2 Sliced plum Plums and Peaches are in season in the summertime and fall, so make sure to stock up on these ingredients during that time.

Drinkthis detox water daily.

Number 5Pomegranates and Mint Ingredients:10 to mint leaves 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds,The pomegranate seeds in this drink make it a powerful antioxidant detox water recipe!Make sure to stock up in the winter when they are in season.

Number 6 Oranges, Lemons and LimesIngredients: 1 lime slice2 orange slices, 2 lemon slicesThis detox water is packed with citrus fruits, which makes it really high in Vitamin C.

Thisis a great drink for cold and flu season to keep your immune system healthy.

Number 7 Blackberries and MintIngredients: 5 to 7 mint leaves6 to 7 blackberries This detox water recipe is light and refreshingwith the addition of the mint.

We recommend it on a hot summer day when blackberries arein season to give your water a boost in taste.

Number 8Raspberries and Lemons Ingredients:8 raspberries 1/2 Sliced lemonThis is great and simple detox water to enjoy in the summer.

Not only are raspberries inseason then, it is also colored drink to serve at a family or other social function.

Number 9 Basil, Lime and ApplesIngredients: 5 basil leavesHalf lime slices, Half Sliced green appleThis powerful green detox water recipe gives you all kinds of nutrients; the fresh basiladds twist in flavor.

You can also add 1/4 cucumber (sliced) as well.

Number 10 Oranges, Plums and MintIngredients: 3 small plums3 mint leaves 1/2 Sliced orangeThis is a great detox drink for the summer.

It’s also another highly colorful mix thatis great for social parties and events.

Number 11Apples, Grapes and Cinnamon Ingredients:5 red grapes 5 green grapes1/2 Sliced green apple 1/2 sliced red apple2 small pieces cinnamon This is great go-to recipe, because applesand grapes are available all year round.

Number 12Watermelon and Mint Ingredients:10 to 12 mint leaves One and half cup watermelon slicesWhen you are cutting up watermelon for the kids, make sure to save some for yourselffor this tasty drink.

Number 13Kiwi, Blackberries and Apples Ingredients:1/2 sliced fuji apple 3 kiwi slices5 blackberries This tropical drink is great for the summerwhen blackberries and kiwis are in season.

Number 14Mint, Strawberries and Cucumbers Ingredients:4 to 5 mint leaves 4 sliced strawberries5 slices of cucumber Strawberries and cucumbers are usually lowerin price than other berries, which makes this a great detox water recipe to fall back onin a pinch.

Number 15Lemons, Grapes and Honeydew Ingredients:10 cubes of honeydew 2 slices of lemon5 large grapes Honeydew and grapes are often consumed inthe morning, so drink first thing to get an extra boost of nutrients.

Number 16 Oranges and BlueberriesIngredients: 15 blueberries1 whole orange (sliced) The combo of antioxidants and Vitamin C makethis a powerful drink in the wintertime or anytime you’re feeling the need for an immuneboost.

Number 17Apples, Lemons and Carrots Ingredients:10 slices of carrots 1/2 red apple (sliced)½ sliced lemon This detox water recipe is packed with allkinds of nutrients, so make sure to eat the fruit and veggies when you are finished withthe drink.

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