Diets That Work: How To Lose Belly Fat Fast With Carbohydrate Cycling


Yo, what's going on guys? Troy here with MuscleTactics and I got an awesome topic – I want to get into a diet plan for ripped six-packabs.

And I want to explain a crucial crucial concept called carbohydrate cycling.

I thinklow carb diets are fucking so stupid.

It is so dumb to go on a really really low carbdiet and I'm going to explain why in this video.

Even if you're trying to burn fat and getshredded and trying to get those ripped six-pack abs, being on a crazy low-carb diet, I'm talkingabout like 50 grams of carbohydrates or less is one of the worst things that you can do.

So by understanding how to incorporate carbohydrate cycling into your diet, you're going to doa couple of different really positive things for building muscle and burning fat.

You'regoing to boost a crucial fat loss hormone called leptin.

And then second, you're goingto use insulin to your advantage at one time of the day to build muscle and shuttle allthese muscle building nutrients into your cells.

And then you're going to use insulin- you're going to use low insulin levels of cross stage to turn your body into a fat-burningmachine while keeping the muscle.

So let me dive right into carbohydrate cycling and howto properly set it up.

So what I'm currently doing right now is Iwill have six days out of the week – I'll have between 200 and 250 grams of carbohydratesand I'll have them at three strategic times of the day.

The first time of the day I'llhave them is for breakfast.

So you'll want to immediately get up (you're in a in a catabolicstate when you go to bed) and immediately feed your body the first sustainable energysource so you can achieve this by a quick 50-60 carbohydrates right when you get up.

The second time of the day I'll consume carbohydrates is pre-workout.

Now if you don't have anycarbohydrates in your system and you go to train in the gym and you have really low muscleglycogen levels, your training is going to suck.

You're going to have really shitty workoutintensity and the most powerful thing you can do for burning fat and for building muscleis a really really intense workout.

So if you're not filling your body with a sustainablesource of energy and you have really low muscle glycogen levels, you're not going to be ableto lift as much weight in the gym.

You're not going to be able to exert as much forcein the gym and the biggest x-factor for just transforming your body is going to be thosereally intense workouts.

Just think about how dumb it is to just strip your body ofall its fuel; of all these carbohydrates – you have no muscle glycogen and you try to workout.

If you want to get ripped and you want to look shredded and have those six-pack absand have muscle and low body fat, you need to have carbohydrates in your system at strategictimes and while you workout is the best time of this.

Have some carbohydrates pre-workout.

Have that sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice – a really good source of sustaining fuel.

And then right after you workout is when your body is highly anabolic so you want to feedyour body – you want to get those insulin spikes; you want those rapidly digesting carbsright after you workout.

This is going to initiate protein synthesis; help you buildmuscle – help you recover really fast.

Now for the rest of the day we want to have reallylow levels of carbohydrates; so low insulin levels for the rest of the day are going totranslate into fat burning.

So now our body is going into fat burning mode.

So we havereally low insulin levels throughout the day.

Before we spiked our insulin which helpedus build muscle and now we're going to go for the really low insulin levels which isgoing to turn us into a fat-burning machine around the clock.

You can achieve this byhaving protein, vegetables and healthy fats in every single meal.

So the only carbohydratesyou're putting into your body when you're in fat burning mode is going to be vegetablesand you're going to load up on the protein and the water.

And this is so crucial forjust reducing your cravings, for staying anabolic – staying in that muscle-building stage andfrom pretty much preventing you from going crazy because if you don't do this, you don'tput enough fiber in your system and enough water.

You're going to find yourself gettingreally hungry when you're on these low-carbohydrate cycles.

So that's it guys – it's as simple as that.

The last little tip is one day a week, you actually want to have one really high carbohydrateday and this boosts your leptin levels; which is a crucial crucial fat loss hormone.

I'mnot going to dive into detail too much in this video about leptin levels and and re-feeddays.

That's going to be a whole other video and a whole other topic but 450-500 gramsof carbohydrates are in my re-feed days.

I'm going to keep my fat levels really low andkeep my protein intake at about a gram per pound.

I'm going to do a whole video explainingre-feed days and the science behind your leptin levels but that's part of a crucial componentof carbohydrate cycling is having that one day a week when you amp up your carbohydrates.

It's going to boost secretion of fat-burning hormones and it's going to turn your bodyhighly anabolic.

So train your worst body part on these re-feed anabolic days.

Followthe other steps in the carbohydrate cycling and you guys will be shredded fat-burningmuscle-building machines around the clock without sacrificing muscle glycogen and energylevels and just helping you guys feel better all around.

So that's it guys – I am off tothe beach.

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