Homemade Granola – Easy Healthy Granola Recipe (Gluten Free)


today we are making healthy homemade granola Mariah here from mariahdolan.

Com you're busy mom headquarters help youlove the skin you're an and today I'm sharing a recipe reading from my book a busy month guide a lasting health andweight loss step-by-step guide to losing weight while feeding your family whole parade will actually eat and it healthy homemade granola one of thebiggest mistake people make when trying to eat healthier if they switch outthere sugar lean serial for granola problem is store bycolonel has just as much sugar if not more thanother sugar-coated serial for example this fact the granola has 14grams of sugar and a half-cup serving size: compared to this fact a pretty petalswhich has nine grams of sugar in it three quarter cup serving size: so the granola has more sugar and asmaller serving size: then a pretty petal and what's basic mythree-year-old eat more than half cup serving size: let'sjust skip the back serial all together and make your own granola alist all the ingredients below this video start off with eat cats afford fashionrolled oats put him into a really big ball becausejust make the time remember I have forward kid so everything I making defeat an army ifyou have a smaller family may wanna happen this recipe if you are glutenintolerant have to really active these or arms-length internet make sure youget Group Realty now to your oath you want to add 3 cups a brown now if over and it's hard foryou to find just use a couple extra cup them both that'll work just fine K axed is not I take one and a quarter cup speechother walnuts cashews and almonds because I titles in Balkhthen i process them in my food processor sothey get really in tiny pieces like best my kids preferit that way you don't have to do that if you like iton here oatmeal are I'm very granola so we're just gonna go ahead and for allthose in there like that man we're gonna add 1 cup up sunflowerseeds and stir at all hands and holiday accepted large saucepan our your dad some honey we hear by our honey from a local be farmer adfarmers market I might be something you wanna look into taking it from Ronnie locally you have afarmer's market in your area where actually out so hopefully he hasmore for us next coconut oil 100 percent pure maplesyrup next up one tablespoon cinnamon made up for that andthey're running out organic cinnamon teal ok one tablespoon of and organic been a lot here we go enhance one unhappy through theHimalayan salt you can also use default pick you have at home others were Hannah now I'm gonna go over to thestove and mix it all together tell it now andI'll meet you back here okay I'm back we have are meltingconcoction here just harriett into your 0 just like bad and make the way okay we have it all nice and mixed and whatyou're gonna go anywhere take the tour sleeping she in line withparchment paper I to see the silicon map and you just even read distributed your granola our make the time but this will ask myfamily about a week get all smoothed out seriously miss not copy and homemade granola cuba now ever poppies in the oven at 325 for 10 minutes after 10 minutes poll now mixed them up really well put him backin the oven for 10 more minutes okay we're back are granola if donebaking let this cool completely before you add the raisins or driedcranberries optional by waking if you don't want to put these in youdon't have to.

I'm using craisins dried cranberries my kids really like those and there youhave it healthy homemade granola and this willstay fresh for about two weeks now I want to hearfrom you know what's your favorite healthy breakfastleave me a comment below if you like this video please share withyour friends and subscribe to this channel then jump on over to ride on about.

Comin fine up for free active for that you get fitness andwellness test that I don't share anywhere else and before you go don'tforget to leave a comment absolutely in love connecting her here's what I wanna when I B back I'll wimberly right now on do it on oh wait I got it you know on yeah I'm I haven't got it iraq oh no I did that long ready yeah on her on basket after that I like are not well clean on their gluten and holler and got up to be.

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