On today's FABulously Fit Friday we're talkingabout nutrition for fat loss.

Nutrition is the number one component for fat loss.

Youcan exercise your butt off, but if you don't have your nutrition in place, you're not goingto lose the fat like you'd like to.

What I do before I go grocery shopping each weekis, I plan out my meals for the entire week.

Now, I really like to be kind of simple withmy meals because I have a really busy lifestyle.

I don't have a whole lot of time to cook,so my meals tend to be pretty basic.

I know what I need to eat from my FAB Universitymeal planner, and I keep copies of that right on my refrigerator over here so that I alwayshave it in front of me, just in case for some reason I haven't cooked my meals, which happens,right? Because we all get busy with our lives, and I have all of my grams, and the quantity,and the serving sizes that I need right here, so that if for some reason I don't have mymeals made for the week, I can go ahead and cook it up, but it's always right in frontof me so I know exactly what I'm supposed to eat.

So, as you can see, what I do is Iprint out a couple of days worth of meals because I like a little bit of variety inmy diet, not a whole lot.

I'm pretty okay with eating the same things day in and dayout.

But I do have two different meal plans that I print out, and then I make my grocerylist from there, and I head off to the grocery store.

So let's go through each of the foodsthat I have here.

I mean, this is pretty much what I would eat in a week.

What you needare many complex carbohydrates.

So that's what you see in the back here.

So I have mylong grain brown rice, and I just keep this in a container.

I buy it in bulk, really inexpensive.

A great carbohydrate gives you a lot of energy.

Lightly salted rice cakes.

These are greatfor portability.

You can take them anywhere, and you don't have to heat them up, whichis really nice.

These are also wonderful for right after a workout if you need to get thosecarbohydrates into your system very quickly to help with the absorption of the protein.

So I really like my lightly salted rice cakes.

Here I have my Quaker Oats old-fashioned oats,and you really want the old-fashioned kind, so this is great–another complex carb.

Becauseif you get the one-minute oats or the quick oats, as they're called in some other brands,those are processed foods, not source foods.

These are pretty much wholegrain, but whenyou get into those processed foods, with the one-minutes oats or quick oats, that digestsvery quickly into the body.

So if you're not running a marathon at the time that you'reeating them, your body's likely to store them in fat, so stick to the old-fashioned oats.

Other complex carbohydrates: I have lettuce, of course.

You can eat as much of this stuffas you want to.

I typically buy several heads of lettuce at a time because you can eat itunlimited.

It won't add a whole lot of calories to your diet.

I have here celery, which Ilove celery.

Just plain celery on its own, and frozen broccoli.

Frozen broccoli is awonderful complex carbohydrate.

You can eat a whole bunch of this, bags and bags, andit's not going to add a lot of calories.

So a lot of vegetables in your diet is greatfor fat loss.

And then one of my favorites is sweet potatoes.

I absolutely love sweetpotatoes.

I would actually buy about seven of these a week and cook them up as part ofmy meal plan.

These are a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates.

Next, we alwayshave to have healthy fats in our diet as well.

Any diets that are extreme on one end or theother, maybe cutting out fats or cutting out carbohydrates, that's just simply not goodfor overall nutrition, and it's not good for fat loss.

I love unsalted almonds, and asyou can see here, I keep a container of these in my kitchen at all times.

These are a great,healthy fat source.

Another healthy fat source is extra virgin olive oil, and what you'regoing to see in just a couple minutes here is, I cook up all my chicken with a bunchof extra virgin olive oil.

And it's a great, healthy fat source that you should have inyour diet as well.

And then last, but not least, my absolute favorite is protein.

Whatyou need to have in your diet are lean protein sources.

I absolutely love egg whites, andyou can see here I buy the five dozen medium egg whites in these huge, family-size packs.

Sometimes I'll even buy two of them, depending on what my meal plans look like for that week.

I absolutely love egg whites.

We also have chicken.

I will buy two of these flats a week.

And what you have to be careful of with chicken is, if you're buying frozen chicken, reallywatch out for that sodium because a lot of the frozen chicken is pumped a whole lot withsodium.

That's why they taste really good when you cook them up, so I tend to like tobuy fresh chicken because it's not pumped with so much sodium.

They do have sodium solutionin it, but not as much as frozen.

So watch out for that.

Another protein source thatI absolutely love is ground turkey.

So I buy ground turkey, usually one or two packetsa week.

This is really easy to cook up in the skillet.

Fantastic source of protein.

And then last, but not least, is whey protein.

So I prefer About Time because it's sweetenedwith Stevia, and I take my whey protein usually right after a workout for that quick absorption.

Now, if you're trying to lose fat, you know, I hear a lot of people that have protein shakesthroughout their day.

And one thing I want to caution you against is, whey protein inparticular is designed for quick absorption, so if you're having whey protein shakes throughoutthe day it's very possible, depending on your calorie level and what else you're doing inyour life, that if you're eating whey protein shakes, you can actually be adding fat toyour body if you're not burning it up at that time.

So just watch out for that.

I do liketo add a little bit of flavor to my chicken and turkey, and so what I do is I add somecondiments, such as this hickory bacon mustard, and this is my old dijon mustard, which Ilove.

There's very few calories, just a few carbs per serving, so if you just watch andmake sure you don't put too much in, you can add some flavoring your protein sources.

Andthen, of course, I am a Mrs.

Dash addict.

I've got about four billion of these things.

So you can add Mrs.

Dash to any of your protein sources.

It'll add some flavor.

I do eat alittle bit of fruit.

So I absolutely love grapes, and I will have a few grapes aftermy workout with my whey protein in order to quickly absorb that protein in the body andreplenish the glycogen stores.

So let's go ahead and cook up a bunch of these for thenext three day's worth of my meals.


Now I've got all my foods out, ready to cookmy meals for the next three days.

I've added a couple of things here that we didn't haveout before.

I have my Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap.

This is the really long version.

Thisis the, let's see, 18 inches long, and I love to use this to line my cookie sheets withto cook my chicken because it's just real easy cleanup.

I mean, literally just crumpit up and throw it out.

Real easy, and I like simple cooking.

You know, we have busy lifestyles.

We really need cooking that's efficient and easy, so this helps quite a bit.

Next, wehave a food scale, and if you are on any sort of fat loss plan, or you're trying to losefat, you got to get yourself a food scale.

Before I had a food scale I had no idea howmany calories I was really taking in.

I would eyeball, or measure it, or do some of theplans that tell you: Well, you need a palm-size version of a certain carbohydrate.

Well, whenyou get down to measuring your food, what you find out is that you're either eatingway more calories than you thought you were or way fewer calories than you thought youwere.

So I highly recommend you get yourself a food scale.

You can get these on Amazon.


They're very inexpensive.

I bought this, I think it was 20 bucks.

And what I do, I actuallyline it with Saran Wrap around the buttons because sometimes you get food splatteredon there.

You don't want to mess with the electronics on that, so just put a littleSaran Wrap on it.

That seems to do the trick.

Next, I have my containers.

So I have 16 containershere, and that's because the first meal of the day I like to cook fresh.

I always haveegg whites and oatmeal for my first meal of the day.

So I cook that fresh every morning,but the next four meals through the day, I have already pre-made in these containers.

So the first thing we're going to do is go ahead and line our cookie sheet, or bakingsheet.

And then I'm going to drizzle some of my extravirgin olive oil on this.

No science to this.

Just go ahead and drizzle it right on there.

And then I'm going to get out my chicken and coat it with that olive oil.

Now, when I didthis in my Planning Meals for the Week in Two Hours video, I got an awful lot of commentson that video about not washing my chicken, and, you know, washing chicken is actuallyan old wives' tale.

You don't have to wash it.

Cooking the chicken is what get rids ofall those bacteria and all those creepy crawly stuff.


So I've done that.

Now my fingers areall covered with raw chicken.

Now this is where you have to be really careful becauseyou don't want to touch anything else with the raw chicken juice on your fingers.

Thatis where you can have cross contamination and potentially get sick.

So make sure youwash your hands really, really well after that.

So I went ahead and I set my oven for 450degrees, and that's in preparation to add the chicken.

I'm going to cook my chickenfor about 10 to 15 minutes at 450 degrees, and then another 10 to 15 minutes at 375.

And I do that sometimes because I like to have a little bit of searing on the outsideof the chicken, and then it cooks on the inside quite nicely at that 375 degrees.

But in themeantime, I'm going to go ahead and prepare my sweet potatoes.

I'm going to wash theseoff, pierce them with a knife, and then put them in the microwave.

So in order to cook my sweet potatoes in themicrowave, I'm going to take three sheets of paper towels and just fold them over oneach other because, again, I like really super easy, efficient cooking.

Stick this in themicrowave, and then put my sweet potatoes right on top of that.

And then I'm going toset my microwave on high for 21 minutes.

Now, that's for three sweet potatoes, but if you'reonly doing two, you could cook them on high for maybe 15 to 16 minutes.

One, cook it onhigh again for maybe 10 to 11 minutes.

So while that's cooking, I'm going to go aheadnow and I'm going to put some spices on my chicken.

I've got my Mrs.

Dash here that Ilove so much.

And I'm just going to do a few of my chicken breasts with Mrs.

Dash becausethe other ones I like plain because later I'm going to be adding some honey mustardor hickory bacon mustard to the chicken in my meals.

So now that my oven is heated up,I'm going to stick the chicken in there.

And set the timer for about, let's say, 10minutes.

Now, while the chicken is cooking, and the sweet potatoes are cooking, I'm goingto go ahead and start measuring out my healthy fat source, which, in this case, is almonds.

I absolutely love my almonds.

Now, I have two meals a day with almonds in it.

Part ofthe reason that I do that is because I like a very quick source of food while I'm at work.

I do have an office job, so it's really hard for me to eat a mass amount of vegetablesat that time.

So a healthy fat source which also gives you energy is a great way to getaround that.

So I'm just going to portion out my containers.

And then, to use the food scale, I'm goingto go ahead and turn it on, and put this container on the food scale.

Now, it's registering zeroright now, and that's exactly what I want because you want the food scale to registerthe weight of the container and set it at zero.

If it doesn't register it right away,you'd click that button again–that "on" button–and it would set it to zero.

Now, now I can addmy almonds, and I know exactly how much in grams from my FAB University Planner thatI always keep on my refrigerator.

And so what that tells me is, for my second and thirdmeal of the day, I need to have 22 grams of almonds.


So now we just need to wait for thatchicken and the sweet potatoes to cook, and then we'll cut it up and portion it out, andthat'll be our meals for the next three days.

Pretty easy, huh? Okay.

My sweet potatoesand my chicken are about done.

So I want to go ahead and take the sweet potatoes out sothat they can cool off.

And do you remember how I wrapped the paper towels over threetimes? Well, this is why.

You can go ahead and take your sweet potatoes and just pullthem right out.

This would be a great Bounty commercial, wouldn't it? But it's actuallynot Bounty that I'm using.

And then I'm also going to pull out my chickenand let them both cool down.

And let that cool down for a few minutes,and then we're going to go ahead and cut them up and portion them out.

Now that I have it all cut up, I can go aheadand portion out my chicken and, according to my meal planner, it's 117 grams per mealfor my chicken.

So go ahead and turn on my food scale and measure out my chicken.

Now, when I'm measuring out my chicken withthe containers that already have the almonds in it, I'm going to put the container on thefood scale and then hit that "on" button again and reset it to zero, so I can add my chickento it and measure out that 117 grams.

Now I'm going to cut up my sweet potatoesand do the same.

And last, but definitely not least, I'm goingto add a little bit of flavoring to each of my meals.

For my chicken and almonds, I'mgoing to add just a squirt of mustard to each one.

And then, for my sweet potato and chickenmeals, I'm going to add salsa.

Now, we hadn't talked about salsa before but this is anothergreat way to add some flavor to your meals, not add a whole lot of calories, give yousome extra vegetables on top of that.

So that's it for my meals for the next threedays.

Looks pretty yummy, if you ask me, and that's a lot of food.

And I think one of themisconceptions about individuals that are trying to lose fat, or trying to get intoshape, is that we starve ourselves.

Obviously, that isn't true.

So thank you for watchingthis episode of FABulously Fit Friday, and, of course, if you have any questions or commentsplease leave in those comments below this video.

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